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Barbara Selby

Barbara Selby, CEng, MICE, BSc, was born in Bexhill-on-Sea the year tea rationing ended, Charlie Chaplin was refused entry to the United States, the Flowerpot Men and Sooty first appeared and The Mousetrap began its run.

She studied maths and more maths at school and has a degree in Civil Engineering from Leeds University. Her London club is the Institution of Civil Engineers in Great George Street. She always worked in local government, from Yorkshire to Wales to Bath and finally London but now is retired.

Barbara’s Story
Barbara, intrigued by family pictures, goes on a quest to discover more about the painter, reputed to have been a civil war artist with the Union Army. In To Breathe More Freely: The Journey to America she uncovers a tale of the emigration of an entire family to America in the nineteenth century, and traces whether their hopes were fulfilled in the new world.

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2 Responses to Barbara Selby

  1. Steve Pearce

    Dear Barbara,

    Thank you for responding on the Civil War site re Joseph Hanshew and Maria, my 4x Great Aunt. I found your articles from early 2013 most interesting. You kindly offered scanned copies of photos a scan and transcription of the obituary. These would be very interesting if it not too much trouble. I am just sorry that I do not have much data to offer in return.

    My email is

    Thank you and best regards


    • Barbara Selby

      That’s fine Steve, I’ll get the things together in the next few days and email them to you
      best wishes

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