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Kristina Tzaneff

Kristina Tzaneff was born and raised in Washington, DC, USA, to parents of Bulgarian origin. Kristina’s father emigrated from Bulgaria in 1947 and, after meeting Kristina’s mother on a trip back to his homeland in 1969, asked her to marry him. Together they started a new life and family in America.

Kristina graduated from the University of Chicago in 1992 with a degree in Economics and, soon afterwards, moved to Europe with a career in consulting.  She was asked to head up her firm’s business in the Balkans, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the mid-1990s.  Several years later, she moved to London to work in investment banking, where she had the privilege of continuing to work with the transition economies of Eastern Europe as they developed from communism and the planned economy to democracy and capitalism.

The Rose Horizon is Kristina’s first book and stems from her having lived in both the country of her birth as well as the country of her heritage during poignant times in each country’s history.  Through this book, she attempts to put together the lost legacy of her ancestors.

Kristina’s Story
In The Rose Horizon, Kristina Tzaneff traces the story of her father who, as a young man at the end of the Second World War, makes an arduous journey from Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe, to America.  Her father’s migration from Europe to the New World effects more than just his life as his intentions to receive a higher education and immediately return to Europe post-graduation are mired when the Iron Curtain falls and the Cold War begins.

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One Response to Kristina Tzaneff

  1. Pedro

    Interesting to find info on high school class mates. Hello Kristina. This is Pedro, we had classes together back in high school. Seems like the 1980’s were just Yesterday and look at us now. I had already retired from a long career in contracts management, but now am back in the workforce. I’ve seen most of the world. Made a lot of my dreams come true, but not all. Been blessed with both success and failure. But always remember fondly my time at JFK and at University. I graduated from MD in College Park, with two majors, International Business and Literature. It is always great to learn that many of my classmates achieved so much success as well.

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