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Patrizia Sorgiovanni

Patrizia Sorgiovanni

A Canadian of Italian origin, Patrizia’s fascination with her family history began at the age of 12. On summer holiday in southern Italy, she would crawl into her grandmother’s bed and ask a multitude of questions about life growing up in the village. An animated storyteller, her grandmother would happily divulge detailed, colourful answers. Since then, Patrizia has been intrigued by the traditions, and values of village life in Calabria. Through her writing she hopes to capture the stories told to her by her grandmother and other elders, and offer a glimpse into a lifestyle that is vanishing into modernity.

Patrizia inherited the storyteller gene, although she has chosen to tell stories in the area of marketing and communication. Patrizia began her career in the marketing department of a publishing house in western Canada. In 2001, driven by a deep interest in her family history, she moved to Milan. There, she worked for a multinational publishing company, De Agostini. In 2004, she was posted to London, where she has lived and worked – as a consultant and copywriter – ever since.

Patrizia’s Story
The Lamp and the Little Lights 
is the story of women in southern Italy between the 1940s and the 1960s. The passionate rivalry between headstrong sisters leads to disastrous consequences for all involved.

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4 Responses to Patrizia Sorgiovanni

  1. Rosemary Gutch

    I’m looking forward to reading your stories, Patrizia. Just now am reading a book by Norman Lewis who was in the army in Naples in 1944. Amazing descriptions of what life was like for the local people at that time. Might be helpful to you for background. It’s called Naples ’44.
    Good luck with the writing. S.

  2. Amelia

    Interesting, would like to read your book.
    My mothers maiden name is Sorgiovanni and I live in Australia.
    Where are your grandparents from in Calabria.

    • Patrizia

      Hi Ameila!

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for your interest. I will keep you poseted. My parents and grandparents are from Giffone, Reggio Calabria. Its a tiny village and rarely on any map! Where is your mother from?


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