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5 Minutes a Day

Posted by on November 3, 2012

At some stage during our last Writing Family History group meeting a suggestion rippled around us that when writing gets difficult, if nothing else, just write for 5 minutes a day.

Emails followed and Patrizia committed to the whole group.   ‘You can call me on it at the next meeting,’……, and that got me thinking.  Just what constituted 5 minutes of writing in my project on a daily basis?    I write a lot for work so the act of writing, even if currently boring legal and accounting reports, is normal in my life.   I have got into the habit of regularly searching the Internet.  I never ceased to be surprised by the constant new information from art auctions or out of print books that become available, which is all information that I can collate to verifiable facts and sources.  But that is not writing.

I have jotted ideas and thoughts on my iPhone as I travel around and written notes on my research trips, conversations with experts and titbits gained from TV programmes like Fake or Fortune? and The Antiques Road Show.   But that is still not, but my reckoning, the magical 5 minutes of writing on my project.   Those jotting come under my heading of information gathering.   No – my idea of the 5 minutes worth of words is a snappy bit of writing that goes on the page to become part of a growing string of sentences to form the 1st manuscript worthy of being presented to an agent or publisher.

Chapter 7

Kitty Clive had come to realise that her decision three years earlier had not given her the life she wanted, and the task of rectifying it, even for a capable, determined woman like herself was not going to be easy.

Well, that is my 5 minutes a day (acronym FMaD that I have mentally reduced to MaD) writing.   It is 42 words long which means the first 1,000 words will take 24 days to fall into shape and one thousand, four hundred and twenty nine days to build to the required 60,000 word manuscript for my MA submission.   I have worked out that as the MA submissions deadline is 30th June 2013 then I only have two hundred and thirty nine days to go.   So a quick tap on my iPhone reveals that I now need to up production to 491 words a day – more if I want a break of Christmas or weekends off.

Enough of the maths – I think it is time to write a bit more……… A bien tot.

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