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Another family bible, another distraction

Posted by on February 5, 2015

When I visit my uncle I usually bring back something intended to help me with my family history; sometimes an old document or a 1920s guide book to London but recently an old, very large, family bible. Whether this is our family bible is a moot point, certainly it’s someone’s family bible. It records births and a few deaths for the Lane family between 1808 and 1827. Although most events take place in London, in Shoreditch, the first christening is in Oxford.

The New and Grand Imperial Family Bible

The New and Grand Imperial Family Bible

Now I have come across the Lanes before when researching my mother’s maternal line. An Emma Wingfield ne Lane is registered as sharing a house with my great-grandmother in the 1871 and 1881 censuses. Most likely the same Emma Lane recorded in the bible as born on 26th June 1822 and christened on 23rd November 1823 at St Leonard’s Shoreditch, so this must be how the bible came through the ages to me. There is no direct family line between me and Emma so it seems sad that I am left with the problem of the bible’s future. It is a large book; 18”x11”x4”, in a sorry state through damp and decay but it must have been grand. Faint gold ornamentation remains on the spine, it is both annotated and illustrated and includes The Apocrypha, those mysterious books missing from my school bible; entitled “Moore’s Bible” it was published by A Whellier of 3 Paternoster Row. I think it must be “The New and Grand Imperial Family Bible” with commentary by Rev Henry Moore DD published in 1813. As it could not have been owned by the family at the time of the first few entries this may explain a discrepancy between the on-line christening records and the actual dates in the bible.

Page of entries for the Lane family

Page of entries for the Lane family

But what should I do with it; just take out the family pages and bin it, try to find a more direct line to pass it to or just rewrap it and put it in the attic to be another problem at another time? I know I’d like to find the remaining family but isn’t that just another distraction so I guess it’s into the attic as I just can’t bring myself to bin it.



Barbara Selby


One Response to Another family bible, another distraction

  1. Diana Devlin

    I wonder if it would be worth giving it to the Society of Genealogists? There is a Welsh bible that appeared amongst my own family’s books, but funnily enough not relating to the main branch of Cassons in Wales, so a bit of sideline, like yours.

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