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Mothers, Families and Springtime

Posted by on March 4, 2013

The theme we have chosen for the blogs this month is Mothers (along with anything else that the theme inspires).  Thanks to the sterling help of Annie in our group I now know that the van Aken brothers, Joseph and Alexander, had both their mother and father, Barbara and Peter van Haecken, living in London when they first arrived from Antwerp.   That means my story is now becoming one of a family migrating to England from the Flemish Lowlands to seek a new and secure life together rather, than young sons leaving home as economic migrants to come to London to seek work in order to send money back home to support their families.

Another piece of information that has arisen suggests that Arnold van Aken (Haecken) is not Joseph and Alexander’s brother, or at least not a son from the marriage of their parents Peter and Barbara van Haecken’s marriage together.    More research is needed to ‘place’ Arnold.   George Verture suggests that Arnold is part of the van Aken family of Flemish painters and engravers, Joseph and Alexander.   However I think I need to go back to read Vertue’s comments with a fresh eye.

So this month I am going to focus my research based on the van Aken (Heacken) family tree from legal documents and contemporary writings of artists and commenters in the eighteenth century and track the different spelling of the brother’s surname.  I am not actually sure which one spelling I will use in my story right now.


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