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Save, Save, Save……

Posted by on March 27, 2013

…… No it’s not an end of the financial year piece of advice – it is to remind me to save documents WITH PURPOSE.

I was asked by the Eastbourne Towner Gallery yesterday to write a short piece to accompany a painting they own by Joseph van Aken’s called The Music Party; a delightful ‘Conversation piece’ that is a throughly misleading image if you, as the viewer, only see a happy music party taking place in wonderful eighteenth century country house surroundings.

I was thrilled to have finished my ‘blurb’ by lunch time this morning and just started to think about a break when the phone rang, emails pinged into the inbox and I found myself clicking through the computer’s calendar when suddenly up popped a message to save – “What?” – I thought and managed not save my precious music party words.  The awful thing is I do not remember not saving them as I wrote (I will leave you to sort out that bit of syntax).

In a fit of despair I tried to summon up the words again………… well I had a bash this afternoon but they seemed to have deserted me.  So I left for dinner with a friend.   What can I say is that I thought there was an automatic ‘save’ on my documents and usually I am neurotic about manually saving documents too.

“Onwards and Upwards” as my first school teacher in England, Mrs Page, would say.  I came to England 50 years ago and loathed the country, its customs and people.   Boarding school confused me, it was a record breaking cold winter that year too and I couldn’t write English then either.  The elements and history are repeating themselves again I feel.

Copyright (C) Nicola Stevens 2013

One Response to Save, Save, Save……

  1. Diana Devlin

    Oh golly, I sympathise! It’s sometimes happened to me when I have more than one document open at a time, and casually close down one with too little forethought.

    The only comfort I can offer is that I have sometimes found, when trying to rewrite something without the first draft to follow, that what I come up with is BETTER than the first version, having gone through a kind of filtering process. Good luck rewriting!

    Have just left this comment on the wrong piece!

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