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London Severe Winter Weather: Frost Fair 1740 – Part 2

Frost Fair 1740 Engraving: View of a frost fair on the River Thames in 1740. Figures can be seen visiting a printing stall and a coffee stall amongst others erected on the ice. Engraver unknown.[i] While John Evelyn noted in the winter of 1683/84 that, “The fowls, fish and birds, and all our exotic plants … Continue reading »

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London: Severe Winter Weather (1739-40) – Part 1

The British are well known for their obsession with the weather, but the current severe winter warnings seem over dramatic when compared ‘big freezes’ in the past.   Imagine the winter of 1739-40 that the two surviving van Aken brothers, Joseph and Alexander, lived through.    It started with the easterly winds that brought heavy frosts in … Continue reading »

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