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Tagged With: Researching your Past

25 Years after the Fall (of the Berlin Wall)

Exactly 25 years ago today, the Berlin Wall fell. Tonight, a concert at the Brandenburg Gate commemorated one of the most important events of the 20th century. It did so by releasing 8,000 white helium balloons which were illuminated and lined up next to one another over a nine-mile line; the same line along which … Continue reading »

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(Re)visiting Life- the reason we write family history?

I came across an article recently which had been written earlier this year.  As part of my family history research, I also research economic and political themes to gain a perspective on where some (monetary and political) systems have originated and how they have evolved.  This is important in understanding the context of my family’s … Continue reading »

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The Journey- Trains, Planes, a Horse-Drawn Carriage and Automobiles (though not necessarily in that order)

Having put together a framework of chapters to provide structure to my family history, I am finding parts of the skeleton rather bare, with little meat to hang onto the bones.  One such gaping hole is the actual, physical journey my father took from his little village in eastern Bulgaria all the way to the … Continue reading »

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Ellis Island – Part 2, “A New Year”

New Years are about new beginnings.  Often, they are about our resolutions for the year ahead but sometimes they come with the opportunity to make a completely fresh start in life.  Occasionally, we are not even aware of the magnitude of the possibilities which some new beginnings present as they are enshrouded in a protracted … Continue reading »

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Verification – Do you really know what you are looking for?

Picking up on some of the recent blogs, verification is paramount to writing a family history; after all, it is what sets it apart from a work of fiction.  So how do we go about proving what has happened and separating it from what we think has happened?  The truest answer of course is that … Continue reading »

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Researching Your Past – Part 2

In my effort to put together the pieces of my family history, I have thus far treaded a rather conventional research path.   Up until quite recently my research has been primarily organic, comprised of sifting through century-old documents, travelling to remote villages or interviewing relatives.  There is the added layer of complexity in my particular … Continue reading »

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Researching Your Past – Part 1

Writing a family history involves research, a great amount of research I have slowly and somewhat dauntingly come to find.  This research is pleasant and efficient when much of the historical information one is looking for is already catalogued- whether in libraries, archives or electronically.  Databases such as “” or “” are growing in both … Continue reading »

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