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Letters from my grandparents

I have written before on the subject of letters from my grandparents and what they meant to me when I received them and what they mean to me now.  I took one out of my writing box – a blue leather case I got for my 13th birthday (how I had longed for it and … Continue reading »

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Another Glance Back to 1947

On April 16th, 1947 American financier and presidential adviser Mr. Bernard Baruch describes the then increasingly evident post- Second World War tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States as a “Cold War”.  The terms sticks and on May 22nd , 1947 when President Truman signs the Act of Congress which implements his Truman … Continue reading »

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A Glance Back to the New Year 1947

Every New Year promises change, only in January we cannot know how that year will unfold. 1947 was no exception.  Researching the year my father arrived in the United States, I experienced a fascinating walk through history.  What made looking back particularly captivating was the discovery that, with the benefit of hindsight, one could very … Continue reading »

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Arrival to the United States of America – The Next Generation

Nineteen years to the month after my grandfather, Yovcho Tzaneff, arrived to the United States from Bulgaria, my father, Steven Tzaneff, followed in his footsteps and arrived himself.  It was June 14, 1947. As with my previous blog entry, while I had meant to post it on the exact anniversary of my father’s arrival to … Continue reading »

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A war widow on the Isle of Wight

After her husband was killed in North Africa in May 1943, my mother, Peggy, returned to her parents’ house at Sandown on the Isle of Wight and tried to make a life for herself and her infant son. It was not easy. The family was always short of money. Her father, Arthur, suffered from neurasthenia … Continue reading »

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‘From the City, from the Plough’ by Alexander Baron

D-Day was 69 years ago this week, but that was only the start of some of the most bitter fighting of the war as the Allies struggled to retake France. This  campaign is the subject of the novel by Baron. Born Joseph Alexander Bernstein in 1917, his father was a Jewish refugee from Russia who … Continue reading »

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Seventy years ago

Peggy would never forget the day in May 1943 when she was sitting in the garden at Mardens , the house near Guildford where she was living as a paying guest. Pat, just six months old, was on her knee. There was a knock at the front door and then one of her fellow lodgers … Continue reading »

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Olga’s Story

I have been reading ‘Olga’s Story’ by Stephanie Williams[published by Viking in 2005 and subsequently by Penguin in 2006].It is a detailed and very readable account of the life of her Russian grandmother, Olga Yunter, who was  born in Siberia in 1900. She was brought up in a large, lively and educated family, her father … Continue reading »

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