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A Face to Find

Posted by on September 12, 2013

One of the delights and frustrations of looking at portraits is the fact that so many of these cherished faces from the past have lost their captions.    The people quietly sitting reading, elegantly standing with their hands tucked into their waistcoats or walking arm in arm with a lady, followed by a gambolling dog are nameless to us, the reason for and  the painting disappeared only to be grouped under the bland term of ‘Britsh School 18th Century’, 19th century and so on.

Here is a face I found, a person to discover, and gives me an opportunity to test how I can upload images into this post.   Life is one long learning process.

A face to find

A face to find

More to come later…………..


(c) Nicola Stevens





One Response to A Face to Find

  1. Nicola Stevens

    Thanks to Susie Gutch for reminding me the while dogs may be able to gamble – they are usually gambolling along beside their owners.

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