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The Last of Her Generation

Posted by on June 24, 2012

My mother, Peggy Wise, is 92 and the last of her generation in my family. Her great-grandchildren will never know about her remarkable life and how it has been shaped by the two World wars of the twentieth century, unless her stories are written down.
Talking to her about her  memories and experiences led me to research into my grandparents’ lives, how they met in Egypt in World War 1, where my mother’s story began.

Through our conversations, and looking at old photographs and letters together I discovered the mystery of my grandmother’s forgotten family, and why she never talked of her early life.

So these family stories are a tribute to these two remarkable women, their resilience, their love of life and laughter, and a gift to the younger generations of our family who never had the chance to know them.


One Response to The Last of Her Generation

  1. dianad41

    Susie, I wonder if you have a photo of the generations: one branch of my family have a photo of baby boy, his father and his grandfather, all standing in front of a drawing of his great grandfather. And I remember that at Sissinghurst they have a photo of Harold Nicolson, Nigel Nicolson and Adam (I think) Nicolson sitting on a garden bench, and another on the same bench, one generation later: Nigel Nicolson, Adam (I think) and his son – really gives you an idea of continuity!

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